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Welcome to The Great Discovery!

The Great Discovery is a unique platform and community to be a part of because it is both a monetized e-learning platform and a network marketing company.

This means that there are three ways that you can get value from The Great Discovery: As a Learner, as a Course Creator, and as an Affiliate.

You can choose one, two, or all three, and that’s what makes it so unique. Most network marketing companies over-focus on “building the business,” while here, you could choose to focus on being a Course Creator and give no thought at all to team building or affiliate promotions and do quite well.

Building as we go

The Great Discovery Learning Platform is in the early stages. This makes it a great time to get involved. As an affiliate, the greatest opportunities are when you get in early. As a Course Creator, there are privileges that are being extended to early adopters that will not be available later.

This means that a lot of it is theory. Much of what I will teach you is based on experience and best practices from other companies and broader information from the Industry.

You may discover an approach that works better for you, or even something that would work well for everyone. If so, I encourage you to contact me and share so I can share with the community.

These documents are intended to be a starting point, and will be updated from time to time as The Great Discovery platform evolves and as we learn more through the experience of our teams.

First, know your goals

In The Great Discovery Course, which you have access to if you got either of the Course Creator packs, “Step 0” is getting clear on goals and values. I encourage you to go through that course because it is highly impactful.

The Great Discovery Learning Platform is a powerful vehicle to support a variety of goals, but you first must know what they are.

Select your approach to The Great Discovery

There are the basic ways that you might approach The Great Discovery as a business or as an extension of your existing business: Course Creator, Affiliate (team builder), Team Building Course Creator.

If you are just a Learner, then you know what to do. Take advantage of the growing library of great content. I expect we’re all Learners to some degree, but this material is for those looking to use The Great Discovery to create revenue and impact.

Select the one that best applies to you and click the link below to get advice tailored to your path.

(Don’t stress about this choice. You’re not choosing a college major. I just split it up so you don’t get overwhelmed with information that doesn’t apply to you.)

Course Creator

This path is for you if you are focusing on creating great courses and selling those courses.

Follow the Course Creator Path

Affiliate Team Builder

If you are not creating your own courses, but want to create revenue by sharing the great content of others, this is your path.

coming soon

Team Building Course Creator

If you are both a Course Creator and an Affiliate Team Builder, this is your path. This is where you will take advantage of both the revenue streams of The Great Discovery,

Follow the Team Building Course Creator Path


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