How to invite to TGD

You probably know people who would be great for The Great Discovery, and whom The Great Discovery would be great for.

How do you invite them?

In this article, I will share some routes of entry to bring someone into the TGD community as well as some scripts you can use to start the conversation.

If you’re looking for specific scripts to use when reaching out, I am collecting those that have been found to be effective here.

Three Ways to Invite

There are three ways you can invite someone to The Great Discovery:

  1. Invite them to an info session
  2. Personally introduce them to a Success Line
  3. Present and explain TGD yourself

Invite them to an info session

The company hosts open info sessions every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 PM Eastern at the Zoom link at (This is accurate as of February 16th, 2024. Check the calendar for updates schedules)

Additionally, there may be additional info sessions put on by various leaders in the company, including sessions that I often run at the end of most summits I run. Ask your Success Line about those.

When you invite someone to an info session, it is best for you to also attend because that will create the connection between you, the person they know, and the company that they are not yet familiar with. They may ask you questions through the chat, and you’ll be able to send them your link when they decide to sign up.

Personally introduce them to a Success Line

Sometimes you have someone you want to invite who needs more than just an introduction to an info session.

Maybe they are someone you really want to work with, or perhaps they have a higher level of stature in the business community.

Or it could just be that you’re more comfortable making an introduction than an invitation.

This is just like any other introduction (which is why it’s so easy.) You just send an email, text, or message to the individual and your Success Line.

You might say something like this:

“Suzy, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Michael. You mentioned that you have some courses that you’d like to get more exposure for. He is part of a company that has a really interesting new approach to getting traffic to the courses on their platform. I think you’ll be very interested to learn what they are doing, and I encourage you to connect.”

What’s important here is that you reference a reason why they want to meet me (or whomever you are introducing them to). You should also share just enough detail to give context and purpose to the introduction, but not so much it’s overwhelming.

It is also helpful to make clear, either in the message you send to both people, or in a separate message to your Success Line, what you believe would most appeal to them about TGD.

If you make that introduction to me, I’ll take it from them, booking a call with them, and having a conversation, connecting what they want to what TGD offers.

If they choose to sign up, I’ll give them your link, and they will be a personal affiliate of yours. (Please send me your link so I can give it to them.)

Explain TGD Yourself

I include this, not because I expect you to memorize a presentation and be ready to present, but because you may find yourself in a conversation where you know enough that someone is ready to sign up.

TGD is such a low financial commitment, and such a high potential return, that you may find that you explain it to someone with the intention of making an introduction, and they start asking questions like “What does it cost” and “How do I sign up?”

If they’re ready to sign up, help them do so!

What I do recommend is that you go through the sign up process with them. You may not be an expert, but if you signed up once, you have be through it one more time that they have.

What I recommend is that you have them go to your link, get on Zoom, and share their screen with you. As you know, it’s all pretty straightforward, but people might get confused along the line.

If you get stuck, you can always reach out to a Success Line or two. They aren’t always available to hop on a call right that moment, but if we’re available, we’re happy to help.

Also, if you have someone tell you, “I want to sign up. Just give me your link, and I’ll do it,” it’s okay to do that. Often this will work. Sometimes they might get stuck on something or distracted, so be sure to follow up with them to confirm that they go through the process.

And definitely follow up so they know what to do next. You can send them a link to the article on this site or introduce them to your Success Lines as well. Both of these are great because it shows them that there is a whole team to support them, which is a unique asset of TGD.

If you are on my team, you can always contact me with questions at (If you’re not on my team, you can contact me too!)


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