What to Say When Inviting to TGD

In this article, I talked about some ways to recruit someone to The Great Discovery.

In this article, I will share examples of scripts that some leaders in the company have found effective.

This article was assembled on February 16th, 2024, one month before the March 15th global launch, so some have references to March.

You can use some of these verbatim, or you can put your own spin on them to sound more like you.

As you can see, some are very simple. TGD is a fantastic platform and a no brainer, so there’s no reason to obfuscate or hide anything. The key is to keep it concise enough to not be a novel, but long enough to get the point across.

If you have a message that has been effective for you that you want to share, email me at michael@guywhoknowsaguy.com.

Dr. Stan “Breakthrough” Harris

This is an invitation to a conversation in which you might personally present or invite to an info session.

(Put their Name here) I work with a company (The Great Discovery) that is looking for speakers, coaches or people with courses to sell! (If you don’t have a course yet, they teach you how to create a course that sells like Hotcakes)

They translate our course into 24 languages (70 by March) with our voice, face and perfect lip sync! They have affiliates that sell our course and we share the revenue.

We have a set it and forget it system that creates amazing Breakthroughs for our content creators.

Let’s talk soon!

Baylan Megino

Baylan used this message to invite people to a private info session and had very good results with it.

I’m holding a meeting for course creators who want 2024 to be the year they have Real Global Distribution of their work. It’s on Wednesday 4pm Pacific. This is a very small group I’m inviting – Will you join us?

Here are some emails I’ve sent that have had good results

My email list is about 2500 entrepreneurs and people interested in networking. When I first discovered The Great Discovery, I sent out this message which actually caused someone to sign up immediately.

This first one is an invitation to an info session that Tim Taylor presented for our audience. Tim will naturally become less available for info sessions like this, but as he gets busier, you can call upon your Success Lines to lead a session for you.

If you have a decent, responsive audience, you could use this email to invite people to a session. Contact me if you’re interested in doing that.

The common form of affiliate promotions that we are taught is fanasticly difficult, and nearly impossible for people just starting out.

First, you have to have great content, which you should anyway.

Then you need a funnel, sales page, swipe copy, webinars, events, and all the rest so that when partners promote it goes somewhere effective.

All that can take hundreds of hours or cost thousands of dollars.

And none of it is worth a plug nickel until you have promotional partners.

Now, it’s time to beg: reaching out to everyone you know with an audience, hoping they will want to promote you, knowing that everyone else in their network wants the same thing.

Please sir, might you spare an email for a humble course creator.

There must be a better way…
…and there is!

Imagine if you could, instead, do it this way…

You create great content in the form of evergreen courses:
Free an low cost content to develop and audience.

Higher cost content to deliver greater value.

Every piece of content invite the student to share it with their peers in exchange for a commission.

Then, every person who shares it not only gets commissions on their direct introductions, but gets overrides on everyone they introduce, and everyone they introduce, and on and on.

And all you have to do is create the great content and promote it to your own community.

No affiliate management.

No expensive launches and funnels.

No begging.

That’s how it works on The Great Discovery

Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing marketing strategy or you’re looking for your marketing strategy, The Great Discovery is a powerful new tool to get students to your content.

Please join us on [Date and Time]

I have invited Tim Taylor, the Co-CEO of The Great Discovery to speak to our community about how this new platform can be a powerful new tool for us.

To reserve your seat for this session, click here.

I look forward to seeing you Thursday.

You should not use this exact copy because it is context specific, being sent out on October 31st, just before the elearning platform launched, but there are elements you might find useful:

Now, we interrupt this email to bring you breaking news…

Yesterday, my friend Dovid Feinberg invited me to meet some people he knows who are doing something exciting. Dovid makes very interesting connections, so when he invited me to the meeting, I accepted.

The meeting was some of the leadership from a company called The Great Discovery, and it took 2.5 hours for them to explain what it was all about. I shall now explain it in a few paragraphs.

What I saw was a combination of a transformational coaching program, a networking opportunity, a content platform with pre-built funnels and marketing tools, and an affiliate revenue opportunity all bundled together. Oh, there’s also an AI tool that translates your courses into dozens of languages.

Before we continue, a disclaimer

I first learned about this yesterday. I have not fully vetted or researched this company. I did speak with the co-CEO and others for over two hours, and I got a good vibe, and it seems like something exciting is going on, but that is no guarantee.

However, if you do decide to take a chance with this, the investment is between $20 and $350. This isn’t LuLaRoe with a $5000 onboarding package. 

And I know there’s people in my community who are in a position to make that kind of investment just to see where it goes.

Since a couple of the opportunities are expiring tomorrow as they move through their launch, I wanted to let you know so you can make your own decision.

You can go look at it yourself here. 

(There’s a video right on the main page)

Or you can read on and I shall explain.

So, what the heck is this thing?

We start with their Great Discovery program.

You may have heard of Six Sigma which is normally for corporate clients and analysts. The original creators of Six Sigma are involved in creating a program that takes the underlying principles of Six Sigma to create a transformational coaching program.

This is cool but not what excites me enough to disrupt my own calendar.

Then we add a content platform.

Their platform, as it develops, will host content from various contributors. This platform has not only the Learning Management System, but it also has pre-built funnels, follow up systems, and affiliate tracking.

So if you just want to create content and not muck about with marketing and funnel building, this could be a good solution.

If you are established and have robust programs, your content on their platform is another marketing channel. (Unlike other platforms, you are allowed to upsell your students off the platform.)

Plus the bonus of AI translation.

Les Brown (yes, that Les Brown) recently came onto the platform because of one thing: they have technology that uses AI to translate content into multiple languages, and even alter the video so the lips match rather than it looking like a Kung Fu movie.

(If you’d like to see a demo, let me know)

All this in a multi level affiliate system.

Their marketing strategy is a multilevel structure. I have always been a fan of the structure, but unfortunately too many companies that use that structure, especially in olden days, have done so unethically, expecting large investments, cult like recruitment, and all kinds of malarky.

Since I’m sharing this with you, you know I have seen none of that here. They are doing it the right way. People can come in and just be students, or they can just be content creators, or they can do the affiliate thing all out.

No big investment. No pressure. A la carte opportunity.

And it shifts into the next phase tomorrow. 

(which is why I’m telling you today)

The reason I’m rushing to share this with you today when I only learned about it yesterday is that they are in their early days. They are still in the launch phase, and there are advantages to getting in during this phase.

The core course is heavily discounted from what it will be, and there’s some opportunities for affiliates.

To be honest, I don’t know the full details. I also haven’t fully vetted the company, but the investment is either $20 or $350 (depending on if you get the course or not). I figure it’s better to let you know about it so you can decide if you want to take a chance on them or not, rather than keeping it to myself, discovering it is great, and the best opportunity having passed.

I’m not guaranteeing that this is an amazing opportunity. I’m just saying that it seems like a credible enough opportunity that I jumped in, and I’m putting it in front of you if you want to consider it as well.

If you’d like to learn more or sign up, go to https://www.thegreatdiscovery.com/guy

There’s a video that pops up with more details.

If you have questions, just reply and I’ll connect you with someone you can talk to who knows a lot more about it than I do.


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