Ignite a Love for Gardening in Your Child

In a world increasingly disconnected from nature, “Green Thumb Kids” offers a delightful journey into the heart of the garden. This unique course is designed to spark your child’s imagination, turning their curiosity into creative gardening projects and teaching them the joy of growing their own food.

Cultivating Creativity and Garden Goodies

“Green Thumb Kids: Unleashing Creativity and Growing Some Garden Goodies” is more than just a gardening course—it’s a creative expedition into the world of plants, recycling, and nature. It’s about helping your child transform a patch of dirt into a place of wonder, learning, and lush greenery.

What’s in Store for Your Young Gardener?

  • Creative Garden Design: Your child will learn to harness their creativity to design a garden space that’s uniquely theirs, a place they’ll love to spend time in.
  • The Magic of Microgreens: Discover the fast and fascinating world of microgreens and sprouts, nature’s own superfoods, and learn how to grow them quickly and easily.
  • Recycling in the Garden: Teach your child the wonders of recycling by turning everyday food scraps into thriving plants, fostering an early appreciation for sustainability.

Bonus: “Let’s Garden – Beginner Gardening Tips”

Enroll now and get a complimentary guidebook full of beginner gardening tips to ensure your young gardener’s success. This handy resource is packed with easy-to-follow advice and steps to kickstart your child’s gardening adventure.

A Free Journey into Gardening

Yes, you read that right! “Green Thumb Kids” is offered completely free. We believe in nurturing the next generation’s connection to the earth, encouraging sustainable living, and fostering creativity through gardening.

Enroll for Free in “Green Thumb Kids” and watch your child’s gardening skills blossom along with their creativity and love for nature.

Patrice Porter

Patrice Porter, also known as the Gardening Grandma, is a master cultivator who nurtures the timeless art of gardening while sowing the seeds of survival skills in future generations. With her expertise, she not only teaches the art of growing fresh and nourishing foods, but also tends to the growth of resilient families as a dedicated parent support coach.

She is a Certified Educational Associate, Parent Support Coach, Garden Consultant, International #1 Best Selling Author, & Speaker.