Does Your Child Know Where Their Food Comes From?

In a world where pre-packaged meals and fast food often overshadow the origin of our sustenance, “Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids” offers a refreshing journey back to the roots—quite literally. This course is not just about planting seeds; it’s about sowing a deeper understanding and appreciation for nature in your child, equipping them with the life skill of growing their own food.

Discover the Joys of Gardening

“Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids” is an adventure into the world of gardening, designed to open up a universe of growth, learning, and health. It’s about giving your child the gift of connection with the earth, understanding the cycle of life, and the joy of harvesting what they’ve grown.

What Will Your Child Experience?

  • Lifetime Skill Development: Gardening is a skill that nurtures patience, responsibility, and respect for nature, serving your child for years to come.
  • Healthy Food Culture: Learn the importance of fresh produce and instill a love for healthy eating habits.
  • Active Participation in Family Meals: Imagine the pride on your child’s face as they contribute home-grown vegetables or fruits to your dinner table.

Inside “Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids”

This 6-module course is a step-by-step guide to the wonders of gardening. It’s crafted to engage your child with Mother Nature and her superheroes, guiding them through the magical process of creating their own garden. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Comic Book Style Lessons: Engaging and fun narratives that captivate your child’s imagination.
  • Video Demonstrations: Visual learning through step-by-step guides, making the experience immersive and understandable.
  • Interactive Resources: Workbooks, journals, and eBooks to complement their journey and deepen their understanding.

Embark on a Gardening Adventure

Let’s nurture the next generation of gardeners, who understand the value of food, the importance of the environment, and the joy of sustainable living.

Enroll Now in “Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids” and start a new chapter of discovery, growth, and green thumbs!

Patrice Porter

Patrice Porter, also known as the Gardening Grandma, is a master cultivator who nurtures the timeless art of gardening while sowing the seeds of survival skills in future generations. With her expertise, she not only teaches the art of growing fresh and nourishing foods, but also tends to the growth of resilient families as a dedicated parent support coach.

She is a Certified Educational Associate, Parent Support Coach, Garden Consultant, International #1 Best Selling Author, & Speaker.