Concardian Team Courses

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Emily Braman – Are You Ready to Rewrite the Rules for Your Success? – $49
Emily Braman – Ready to Transform Your Business Dreams into Reality? – Free

Dr. Roopa Chari – 10-Day Total Body Detox Plan – $37

Rennie Gabriel – Wealth with a Purpose – $397

Mila Johansen – Tour of Publishing on Amazon – $47

Daphne Lee – The AI Chef Academy for Beginners – Free
Daphne Lee – Chopping Block to Stock (AI for finance) – $97

James Penny – Introduction to Magnetic Attraction Style Marketing – $4.99

Patrice Porter – Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids – $297
Patrice Porter – Green Thumb Kids: Unleashing Creativity and Growing Some Garden Goodies – Free

Bill Scalzitti – Relationship Tips from The Coach for Romance – Free
Bill Scalzitti – Romance by Choice – $79.99

Amelia South – Gut Healing Protocol – Various

An Interview with Rennie Gabriel on Wealth on Any Income
Featuring both of his courses

Sandra Harry and Cathy Lawson on The Great Discovery Course

Alex Hitt Presentation